This wood boat DIY is quite easy to put together. You have the option of doing it the way I did it below, which makes it easier to do the multi colored boat or you can glue everything together before you actually paint the boat. Doing it this way makes it harder to paint the boat multi colors but it makes it easier.

I also found that if you are not using glossy paint, you don’t have to draw the positions of the pieces before you start painting. There is something about glossy paint that makes it more challenging to glue things on top of the painted surface.

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So how do you make the boat. Check out the tutorial below.

Kit contents: mast, cabin, stern, boom A, boom B, string, hull, sail A, sail B

Additional supplies needed but not included: painters tape, pair of scissors, paint, pencil, ruler, paint brush (not shown)

To start, outline the placement of the cabin and stern on to the hull.

This is the placement of the cabin and stern.

Paint around placement areas as shown above.

Don’t forget to do the sides and bottom as shown above.

Set the hull aside to dry and then paint the stern …

And the cabin. Make sure that the areas to be be glued together are not painted. This makes it easier to adhere together. Set aide to dry.

Once dry, add glue to the bottom of the cabin …

And stern. Adhere to the hull. Make sure that the hole on the short side of the cabin is facing in the opposite direction of the stern.

Then add a small drop of glue to the hole in the cabin and insert the mast.

Set aside to dry.

Add a small drop of glue to the hole in the mast.

Insert boom A.

Add a drop of glue into the side hole in the cabin and insert boom B. Set aside to set.

Once the glue has set, insert the string into the the hole at the top of the mast. Even out the string so that it is positioned evenly on either side.

Tie the ends of the string onto both tips of the booms. I find that adding a dab of glue on the tip helps to keep the string in place. First tie a loose knot, then add a dab of glue …

Gently pull the knot over the glue. Pull the knot tightly and double knot it.

Repeat o the other side.

Cut off any excess string after the knot.

To adhere the sails, paint one side of the boom with glue.

Carefully place the sail over the glue. Make sure that you are adhering sail A over boom A. An easy way to tell them apart is that sail A and boom A is bigger and longer than sail B and boom B.

Then paint the string on the same side and set the sail in place.

Repeat on the other side. Your boat is finished. Allow to set and then it is ready for playtime.

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