Here is another in my transportation DIY kits. This time, we are making an airplane. It is also pretty easy to put together despite the fact that it has more pieces than any of my other modes of transpiration.

You can find more of the transportation tutorials here: boat, car and helicopter.

Supplies included in the kit: wing, axle, elevators, rudders, engines, missiles A, missiles B, axle holder, wheels, side boards, body, glue

Additional supplies needed but not included in kit: paint, paint brush, marker,

This is how all the pieces will be attached. The only difference between the set up above and the actual glued plane is that the missiles will be attached to the bottom of the wing. I took the photo this way so you can see the placement of the pieces.

As always with all the transportation kits, I always want to outline the placement of all the pieces to make glueing easier. It also makes it easier if you are painting the plane different colors.

This is all the pieces with the placements marked up.

Paint all the pieces and set aside to dry. Leave the marked placement areas unpainted.

Once all the pieces are dry, it is attachment time. Attach the wing to the …


Next, the elevators to the body as shown above.

Then the side boards to the body in front of the wing.

The engines are attached to both the body and the elevators.

This is what the end of the plane should look like at this point.

Next, attach the rudders to both the elevators and the engines on either side of the plane body. Place aside to set.

Add a drop of glue to the hole inside the wheel and insert the axle. Place aside to set.

Once the plane body has set in place, turn the airplane up side down. Attach the missiles as shown: the shorter missiles on the outer edges of the wings. Place aside to set.

Next, insert the axle into the axle holder. Add a dab of glue into the second wheel’s hole and insert the axle. Place aside to set.

This step is really only for aesthetics reasons but since my axle was painted silver, I decided to paint the axle on both wheels too. I used a toothpick to paint.

Finally attach the axle holder onto the find of the body and place aside to set.

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