My buddy Grace has been going through an American Girl Doll phase since summer 2019. She is totally obsessed with them and for fun, all she wants to make are accessories for her dolls. Things like making a cardboard house or trying to make a skirt.

So it got me thinking, why not help her by coming up with a few DIY’s that she can follow so that she could make her own accessories. Since I am in the process of creating DIY Kits, I thought that this would make a wonderfull addition to the American Girl Doll DIY Kit I am working on. The kit will be ready soon, so stay tuned.

Supplies: Floral wire about 22 gauge and 26″ long, floral tape, wire cutters, flat nose pliers, 3/8″+ wide ribbon in color of choice, dowel or round nosed pliers, mulberry paper flowers with wire stems, ruler

Fold the wire in half and then place the pliers about 1.25″ from the end. You are creating the base of the floral crown.

Wrap the wire around the base of the plier. You want to create a P or a 9 shape with the wire, depending on what side of the plier you are working on.

Wrap the end piece around itself.

This is what it will look like when done with the step above.

Now just do a loose twist around the rest of the wire.

Repeat the process to make a second loop.

The base of the crown all done.

Now is the really fun part: creating your beautiful floral design. Hold the flower down gently against the crown base.

Wrap the stem tightly around the crown base. I wrapped it around about 3 or 4 times and then cut off the end. But feel free to wrap the entire stem around the base if you wish. Always make sure the ends of the stem are tucked in. You don’t want a scratched scalp.

Attach the next flower and continue until you have a design you like.

Always make sure that the ends of the flower stem is tucked and tight against the crown base.

All done with applying the flowers.

Once the you have attached all the flowers, it is time to wrap the floral tape. There are two main reasons why you need to use the floral tape: it gives the crown a nice even clean finished look and it covers any bumpy or scratchy areas so that you do not scratch your scalp when wearing it. If you come across scratchy areas, use the flat nosed pliers to tuck the ends in and then cover the area with 2 to 3 layers of the floral tape.

If you have never used floral tape before, it is important to stretch it as you wrap each section. Its the stretching that gives it its stickiness. If you stretch too much, it will break. If you do not stretch it enough, it won’t stick. So I would recommend practicing first before attempting your first project.

So continue to wrap the tape around the wire base. You may need to move the flowers a little bit to make sure that the entire base is wrapped.

Almost all done. One last step.

Insert the ribbon into the wire loops.

And we are done.

The floral crown looks adobs on this doll.

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