Paper Doll Dress: High Low

So I got into paper doll dresses last year. Last summer to be more precise. I really liked the idea because it did not require a lot of supplies, all of which I already had and it was fairly easy to make them.

Right off the bat, I came up with 3 designs: box pleat, scalloped edge and pleated dresses.

During the fall 2018 term, the kiddos in my Craft Market class made 2 of the designs and really enjoyed the activity.

So today I am really pleased to introduce another design. Check out the tutorial below. As always, I used one of Julie Mathews paper dolls

Supplies: 2 5″ circles of origami paper, pair of scissors, glue tape, ruler, pencil (not shown), paper doll, piece of parchment paper (not shown)

Take the first circle and place it right side up.

Fold the circle so that the center top edge ends up 3/4″ to 1″ from the center bottom edge. Create a sharp crease by running a nail on the just created fold.

Then fold the entire shape in half vertically to create a center fold line. Unfold.

Bring the top right folded edge to lie on the just created center fold line. Create a sharp crease on the new fold.

Repeat with the other side.


For the next step, you want to bring the top right edge, where my right finger is pointing at, to the center fold line, where my left finger is pointing. The difference between this next step and the last two steps is that the inner edges are meeting not the other edges.

Go ahead and make the fold. This is what it should look like.

Repeat on the other side.

Measure out the width of your paper doll’s waist. Then measure and place a cutting line for the waist towards the tip of the dress bottom. I recommend making the line about 1/16th” wider than the paper doll waist.

Go ahead and cut the tip off.

Perfect size. Set aside.

Take the 2nd circle and fold in half horizontally. Create sharp crease.

Then fold the shape in half again, this time vertically. Create a sharp crease. Unfold.

Cut out one of the quarters.

Cut the quarter slice in half.

Take one of the half pieces and cut it in half again. Set one piece aside. Now for the next step, you can create a template using the last 3 steps. For this DIY I decided to create a cutting template so that the bodice did not have a center fold line in the middle. You actually have 3 options to create the bodice of the dress: create a cutting template, fold the bodice in half then cut out the curved top or if you are good at eyeballing things, then just cut out the curved top without a template or folding the bodice in half.

Create your cutting template and then place it on the bodice.

Cut the bodice out.

Measure out the placement of the bodice to the skirt and then add adhesive to the section below the waist.

Insert the bodice into the skirt.

All done.

A beautiful high low strapless dress.

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