Corner Origami Bookmark

So today I decided to highlight the second of the bookmark activities I spoke about earlier this week. This time we are going origami style. What I like about this activity is that unlike most projects, the student has final say in what the final bookmark looks like.

I can’t wait to make this with Li and Willow.

My version was a happy creature.

Supplies: 6″ x 6″ double colored origami paper, white scrap light yardstick, 2 1/2″ circles, 2 1″ circles, 2 1 inch triangles (although of note, I decided not to use these but I included them as options for ears) glue dots, pair of scissors, pair of zig zag scissors, glue tape (not shown)

Place the origami paper right side down.

Fold the sheet of paper in half diagonally.

Create a sharp crease by running your nail against the folded edge.

This next step is optional but I highly recommend if doing this project with younger kids. Line up the two corners on the folded edge then press down to create a crease by the folded edge. You will not be creating a fold down the entire center, just a small crease on the fold line that you will use as a guide point for the next step. Unfold.

Bring corner of the top layer down to meet the fold line. Make sure the corner matches up exactly with the center of the fold line, the guide point we created in the step above. Create a sharp crease.

Now bring the bottom right corner to the center of the fold line and create a sharp crease.

Repeat with the bottom left corner.

Unfold. Fold up the bottom left section so that the left corner meets the top corner. Create a sharp crease.

Fold in the top left section so that the fold line meets the center edge and the the left corner lies flat and is now point down.. Make any necessary adjustments so that the entire left section is lying flat.

Repeat on the right side.

The corner bookmark is all done. Now its time to create the features for your whimsical creature.

I used glue dots but feel free to use regular school glue or glue stick instead.

Place a glue dot on one of the smaller circles.

Attach it to the bigger circle and then add another glue dot on the back of the bigger circle.

Attach to the bookmark as the first eye. Repeat with the other eye and place on the bookmark.

To create the teeth, you can cut them out by hand but felt that using a zig zag scissors is an easier option, especially for younger kids. Go ahead and cut out the teeth.

Add some glue to the straight edge.

Attach to your bookmark and all done. At this point, you can add the triangles shown above as ears or just leave your creature as is.

Little creature is cute.

And is ready to get some work done.

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