So for today’s tutorial, I thought I would highlight an activity I came up with for the twins. Now when I say I came up with the activity, I mean, I used an ages old activity to try keep the summer continued learning and review fun and interesting for the twins.

As you know, elementary students (maybe even middle and high students) often end the school year with a summer review kit that they are to use for review all they learned throughout the school year. And depending the development of each child, there may be more reviews that a child is expected to keep on top of during summer.

So for the twins, Willow (the older and is of normal development) and Li (who has some development challenges), I have been keeping on top of the basics for them. Li particularly needs help with sight words and this was one of the ways that I came up with to try to keep her interested in learning those words.

Basically what we did was make 3 three wheels then each person had to spin two of the wheels, say out loud the word the arrow pointed at and then used both words in a sentence. We all could not do simple sentences like “I see a black cat”. The sentences had to be more complex than that.

Well I have to say that so far it is going so well that Willow always joins us when we play the game, even though she knows the sight words.

Please check out the tutorial below.

Supplies: wheel template (printed on cardstock), bright colored cardstock, scrap paper, pair of scissors, awl (or similar instrument for poking a hole), a washer, a brad, ruler, glue tape (or regular school glue)

First of, either print the blank template and handwrite the words in or use Photoshop or similar programs to enter the words and then print it. I chose the second option.

Once printed I cut out the circle.

Cut out the brightly colored cardstock to 8.5″ squared.

Add adhesive to the back of the wheel, as close as to the edge as possible. Turn it right side up and center it on the the colored cardstock.

Use the awl to poke a hole in the center of the wheel through the colored cardstock. Set aside.

Fold the the scrap paper in half then draw one half side of the arrow onto the folded edge. Cut out the arrow.

Place the arrow on the cut off scrap of the colored cardstock and cut out the arrow.

Poke a hole near the back end of the arrow.

Place a brad through the hole.

Place the washer on the back of the arrow and insert the brad through the washer.

Place the brad (and washers and arrow) through the center of the wheel. Set the legs of the brad in the back.

All done. Time to play.

Our 3 set of sight word wheels.

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