Paper Doll Dress: Box Pleat

For our Friday DIY, I decided to look into the future for inspiration.

In the coming fall term, students in our Craft Market class will be making Paper Dolls including a coupla outfits. As we normally do, we will provide the kiddos with their DIY kit which will include the doll (they will pick from several dolls, courtesy of Julie Matthews – beautiful). From that point, we will walk the students through the process of making several outfits.  It should be a fun class.  Anything girlish is always a big hit with this group.

So please check out the tutorial to make one of these outfits.

Supplies: 4.5″ double sided paper circle, pair of scissors, paper doll, ruler, pencil or marker (not shown), glue tape or tacky glue, ruler

Fold the paper circle in half with the patterned design on the outside.

Make sure that the folded edge has a sharp crease.  Do this by pulling the folded edge between two finger nails.

Fold it again in half to create a rounded edge right angle.

Open the circle.

Use the dashed lines above as guidance.

Bring the two folds together, where the dashed lines are, to create a fold in-between them.

Cut off the quarter circle as shown above and set aside for the top.

Fold the large paper in half, with the pattern on the outside.  Open it.

This is what it should look like on the bottom.

Now you will be creating a front box pleat using the noted lines above as guidance.

Bring the right dashed fold to the dotted line  and line up the two folds.  Create your sharp creases.

Repeat with the other side so that the two dashed folds meet and line up with the dotted fold in the middle as the photo directly above.

Next, take the right top edge and bring it to line up with the bottom of the right box pleat as in the photo above.

Create a sharp crease.

Repeat on the other side.

Place the bottom half of the outfit on the paper doll to measure out the waist.

Use a ruler and marker to measure the cut line and then cut it out.  Set it aside.

Cut the top in half as shown above.

Add glue to the tip of the top and adhere to the back of the dress bottom.

The using the paper doll, measure out and style the top.  You may need to cut off the edges and the top of the dress.

I finished my top design by curving the dress top.  Cut out any surplus pieces until you are happy with the dress.

All done.

And here is how the dress looks on my paper doll model.  Beautiful.

A fashionista.

A close up of the front box pleat.

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