Fairy Laminated Bookmark

So the idea behind this tutorial was all the pressed flower bookmarks I had seen on Pinterest. I liked the idea but wanted to change it a tad. I wanted the bookmark to tell a story. And since I have been thinking about fairies quite a bit this summer thus far, I knew that had to be a component.

I also wanted there to be no right side or back side to this book mark so that idea influenced a little bit the design. I added a few more magical pieces: glitter and butterfly and the final step was to come up with the layout.

I hope you give it a try. Check out the tutorial below.

Supplies: laminate sheet, bookmark size template (6″ x 2.5″), scrap gold paper, gold glitter, silver glitter, bronze mica flakes, mini butterfly stamp, black fairy silhouette (1.75″ x 1.75″), tassel, paint brush, pair of scissors, glue, painters tape

First step, cut the sheet of laminate until it is about 2 inches wider than the bookmark template. and then use painters tape to tape the template on the bottom of the laminate.

Then open the laminate and tape the outline of the template as shown above.

I started painting at the bottom of the bookmark with glue.

I sprinkled some of the bronze mica flakes and allowed the glue to set before dusting off the excess. You may need to use a soft dry brush or paper towel to swipe off any excess mica.

Then I added a dab of glue to the back of the fairy and centered it horizontally.

Then I painted the top edge with some more glue and added the gold glitter. Allowed it to set before dusting off the excess.

I repeated the process for the white glitter.

While I was waiting for the glitters to set, I punched out several mini butterflies.

Using a toothpick, I added a dot of glue to the back of the butterfly and placed it on the bookmark.

Design all done. I set the bookmark aside for the glue to dry.

Depending on how long it takes your laminator to heat up, turn it on about 5 minutes before you think you will need to use it. Once the glue has dried, go ahead and peel off the tape on the inside of the laminate as well as take off the size template on the bottom.

Once the laminator is ready, follow the manufacturer instructions and laminate your bookmark.

Once the laminate has cooked, cut it down to size

Almost there. Last step is to add the tassel.

Tassel all attached.

Now ready for some reading fun.

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