Adjustable Floral Crown

As promised, here is the tutorial for the adjustable floral crown. When I made my first floral crown, photo below and DIY here, my big question was how do you adjust per the differences in head sizes? Because of the way I made it, the answer was no, there was no way to make any adjustments to my original crown.

So I did more research and came across this way of making the floral crowns so that they are adjustable for almost any head size.

Check out the tutorial below.

Supplies: Floral wire about 22 gauge, floral tape, wire cutters, flat nose pliers, 3/8″+ wide ribbon in color of choice, dowel or round nosed pliers, mulberry paper flowers with wire stems, ruler

I wanted this crown to be about 19 inches long. So I measured the wire 22 inches and then doubled it to make the base of the crown.

Flatten the this end of the wires with your fingers as much as you can.

I always find that I need help from my handy dandy flat nosed pliers

Once the edge has been flattened, measure in 1.5 inches from the tip. And mark that point.

Wrap the two two strands of wire around the dowel or in my case I used a bail making plier and used wrapped the wire around the larger side.

Wrap the end piece around itself.

I always find it easier to tuck in the tip with my flat nosed plier.

Now just do a lose twist around the rest of the wire.

And then finish of by repeating the above steps to create the second loop.

Now is the really fun part: creating your beautiful floral design. I decided to start with my mini white roses. While holding the flower down gently, wrap the stem tightly around the base of the crown. I wrapped it around about 4 or 5 times and then cut off the end. But feel free to wrap the entire stem around the base if you wish. Always make sure the ends of the stem are tucked in. You don’t want a scratchy crown.

I decided to tightly bunch 3 of the white roses to start of.

Then I continued to add the other flowers, more by feel really then anything else. I don’t like to go symmetrical for many reasons including that it is very difficult to get it right so asymmetry is my go to style.

Once the you have attached all the flowers, it is time to wrap the floral tape. There are two main reasons why you need to use the floral tape: it gives the crown a nice even clean finished look and it covers any bumpy or scratchy areas so that you do not scratch your scalp when wearing it. If you come across scratchy areas, use the flat nosed pliers to tuck the ends in and then cover the area with 2 to 3 layers of the floral tape.

If you have never used floral tape, it is important to stretch it as you wrap each section. Its the stretching that makes it stick. If you stretch too much, it will break. If you do not stretch it enough, it. won’t stick. So I would recommend practicing first before attempting your first project.

As I mentioned above, if you pull it too hard, the tape will break. If it does that is ok. Just cut of the end to get a clean edge the start wrapping again.

All done. The only thing left is to add the ribbon. Cut off the desired amount and then pull through the loops.

It is ready to be worn for a tea party maybe …

Or just because.

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