What I like most about this activity is that it is an action activity.  In order to make the bear dance, your child will have to move it.  It seems challenging but it is a fairly easy thing to do.

I’ve included a video below to show how to make the bear dance.  You will note that the bear does fall off the stage at one point.  The reason why is because I lifted the magnet off the stage for a brief moment.  So when your kids keep making their bears off of the stage, tell them to not pull the magnet of the stage.  Just move it while it is attracted to the metal stage.

Check out the instruction below.

Supplies: Kit (2 opposing cut outs of dancing bear, wooden stand, magnet and metal container), glue, markers (or colored pencils), paint brush

Take out the bear and make sure you have two pieces as above.

Use markers or colored pencils to decorate Bears costume.

Be creative.

I like to decorate the two sides exactly the same way.  But maybe you want the two sides to be different.  Feel free to be creative,

Once you’ve finished coloring both sides, its time to adhere the bear to the stand.

Cover the wrong side of both Bear pieces with glue.

Place the stand as shown above so that the tip toes of the bear are touching the metal part of the stand.

Adhere the other side so the toes, hands, knees etc all line up and are even.  Hold in place for a good 60 seconds to set.  Then allow another 10 minutes for the glue to try before experimenting with making Bear dance.

All done.

Now bear is ready to learn how to dance and spin and twirl.

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