Floral Crown

Today is the first day of July. Happy July. I decided this morning that I would highlight a craft every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this month. To start off with I thought to showcase a finished product that says summer to me: Floral crowns.

So I made floral crowns for the first time earlier this year. I was prepping for my Craft Market class and I thought the girls would really love them. And they did.

So today I decided to show you one method of making floral crowns. Next week I will highlight making an adjustable floral crown. So for now, check out how to make a basic floral crown below.

Supplies (I got all the supplies from Amazon): floral tape, mulberry paper flowers, floral wire, jewelry cutters, flat nose plier (not shown). OF NOTE: while the photo above shows a leaf trim, I did decide not to use in the end cos I liked the way the crown looked without the leaf trim.

First off, measure your head to figure out the size of the crown. I recommend to measure it so that it is sitting on the head and not on top of the head. I used two loops of the wire and cut it off the spool with about 2 inch overlap

I wrapped the ends on to the wire loops as shown above.

Now you can begin anywhere on the unadorned crown. Take the flower and wrap the wire stem on the crown.

I wrapped each flower about 4 or five times and then I cut the end off. But you can wrap the whole stem around. I also found that it was easier to make the end of the stem to lie flat on the crown using a flat nosed plier. This is important to do because even though I did wrap the whole crown in floral tape, you want to make sure all the sharp edges are flat on the crown or else they will poke through and scratch the scalp of the wearer.

Continue placing the flowers as you create your design. I did a combination of single flowers that were spaced individually on the crown …

As well as some that were bunched together.

All the flowers have been as I wanted.

Now its time to wrap the floral tape on the crown. As you know, in order to make floral tape stick onto its self you have to stretch it slightly. Stretching too much breaks it and not stretching it enough makes it not stick. I recommend practicing before attempting to do it on the crown.

Beyond covering any rough areas that may scratch the scalp, covering the crown with floral tape allows you to cover any imperfections.

All done!

My floral crown is ready for its debut.


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