When I saw these fun paper garlands I just had to recreate them in my own style.

They’re really fun to hang off the ceiling and watch them twirl slowly. It adds a fun touch to decorate any room.

For this craft, you will need scrapbook paper, doilies, pen or pencil, ribbons, scissors and a hole puncher. I did not end up needing to use any glue.

Start with selecting your desired colors, of course I went for pink and red with different patterns. Grab one sheet of scrapbook paper and fold in half lengthwise, with the plain white side on the outside. Draw half a heart along the folded edge like so.

Keep the paper folded and cut out the heart you drew, when you finish cutting you will open the paper to find a complete full heart.

I was able to draw two large hearts on one sheet of paper, and then I used the scraps of that same paper to draw two more smaller hearts. I cut them out just like before.

Repeat this process for the doilies as well. Afterwards use the hole puncher to make a hole in each paper heart you cut out like so. Don’t punch too close to the edge or it will tear easily.

Now you can line up your scrapbook hearts and doily hearts from top to bottom in any order your little heart desires.

Go ahead and thread your ribbon through each hole. I always wove the ribbon from the top side of the heart and out to the bottom side. Be consistent in how you thread the ribbon so your ribbon doesn’t end up twisting on itself.

Once you thread on the last heart, tie off the end of the ribbon with a few knots and snip off any excess. For each individual garland I threaded on about six hearts. I left the top of the ribbon as is, without any knots so I can tape it to the wall.

And there you have it, a fun festive Valentine paper heart garland. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

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