Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today is the day to wish the special people in your life whether it’s a relative, friend or significant other a Happy Valentine’s day.

It’s important to make people feel special and know that you are thinking of them.

The materials you will need are tissue paper, scissors, glue stick, large white paper, a pen or pencil, and a large patterned color paper of your choice. I choose red tissue paper of course for a red heart. I suggest using a ruler, I did not have one on me so I had to improvise with loose leaf paper.

Begin with laying our 4 sheets of tissue paper flat on a hard surface (top left). First fold the tissue paper in half. Second fold one half towards the center line (top right). Third fold the other half to meet the previous fold (bottom left). Lastly fold in half again (bottom right).

Now you can cut up the tissue paper by following the folded edges you just created. You will end up with rectangular pieces of tissue paper.

Take one sheet of the rectangular piece of tissue paper and lay it flat directly on top of the large white paper. Using your pen mark the 4 corners of the tissue paper on the white paper (top left). Now using your ruler draw lines one inch apart and mark them alternating with the letters “A” & “B” (top right). Lay one sheet of tissue paper on top of the lines and use your glue stick to follow all lines marked with the letter “A” (bottom left). Then lay another piece of tissue paper directly on top and use the glue stick for lines marked with the letter “B” (bottom right).

Continue using the glue stick alternating lines “A” & “B” between each sheet of tissue paper until you are finished.

Use a blank sheet of large white paper and fold in half (top left). Lay on the stack of tissue paper on top, trace out the stack and then cut it (top right). Draw out half a heart on the folded white paper you just cut (bottom left). Place the cut out white heart on the stack of tissue paper and trace it (bottom right). Cut out the half heart you just traced on the tissue paper and be sure to trim any sloppy edges sticking out. Then you will open up the heart tissue paper slowly and spread it out. Set aside for now.

Grab your patterned colored paper and lay it flat on the table.

Fold this patterned paper in half so that the plain white side is on the outside. Use the previous white heart you made as a guide to make a larger heart. Go ahead and cut it out using your scissors.

Lastly glue on both sides of the heart tissue paper to the patterned color paper so that the pattern color paper is displayed on top. Your Pop Up Honeycomb Heart is now complete! A good idea would be to either attach a string to the back of the craft to hang it up or give it as a pop up card to someone you cherish.

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