Who doesn’t love cute little bows? They’re simply adorable.

I really love the simplicity of this origami bow and the clean lines.

For this craft you will only need origami paper, a pair of scissors and glue.

Top Left: grab a piece of origami paper. Top Right: Turn the paper over to the solid color side without a pattern. Bottom Left: Fold in horizontal then unfold. Bottom Right: Fold vertical then unfold.

Top Left: Fold diagonally then unfold. Top Right: Fold the opposite way diagonally then unfold. Bottom Left: Fold paper into a square with a crease line showing diagonally from one corner to the another. Bottom Right: Fold the tip of the top down to meet the centerline. Then unfold.

Top Left: Unfold the entire paper, you will find a little square in the middle. Top Right: Using your index finger and thumb, pinch the creases of the little square on all four sides. Bottom Left: Collapse the paper onto itself so the little square is tucked inside. Bottom Right: You will end up with the tip of the paper folded inside itself like so.

Top Left: Fold the left and right sides of the paper inwards. Top Right: Turn the paper over and repeat. Bottom Left: Open the paper to reveal the pattern side, bow is beginning to form. Bottom Right: Turn the paper back to the plain side with the tip pointing up and the most recent folds forming an “X”.

Top Left: Use scissors to cut the middle line of the folded crease you just made. Top Right: Put the top flap down. Bottom Left: Fold the left & right tips to the center line, they sort of resemble bunny ears. Bottom Right: Unfold the flap back up.

Top Left: Flip the bottom flap up this time. Top Right: Fold the tips of the bottom bunny ears up to the center line. Bottom Left: Flip both flaps to the bottom. Bottom Right: Turn the paper counter – clockwise 90 degrees & then fold the diamond’s bottom edge inwards just below the center line like so.

Top Left: Fold the diamond’s top edge inwards. Top Right: Using scissors, cut the center line of the diamond. Bottom Left: Fold the left and right sides towards the previous folds. Bottom Right: Dollop two small drops of glue in the middle of the paper like so.

Top Left: Fold one flap of the bow inwards to stick to the glue. Top Right: Repeat for the other flap. Bottom Left: Finally, flip the origami over to the top side & cut the tail ends like so. Bottom Right: Your origami bow is now complete! Super cute and simple.

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