Here’s an origami craft that is sure to be a fun way to keep your mind focused on the NOW.

I fell in love with this print on the origami paper. The beautiful blue hues with the flower pattern and contrast pink color inside was so gorgeous. I used square origami paper for this craft and a pen, that’s all you need for supplies.

To start place your origami paper square with the solid color side up and pattern side down (top left image). Fold the bottom right corner up to the top left corner (top right image). Now unfold it (bottom left). Repeat this step for the bottom left corner to meet the top right corner (bottom right image).

Unfold from the previous step (top left image). Now make a horizontal fold (top right image). Unfold again then make a vertical fold and unfold so you have six lines (bottom left image). Fold the paper from bottom left corner to top right corner and then once more from top left to bottom right corner to form a triangle (bottom right image).

Grab the top layer of the triangle from the bottom right corner and fold it down to make a “squash fold” (top left image). Now flip the paper over which looks like a square with a triangle attached to it (top right image). Now Repeat the squash fold so you end up with a diamond shape (bottom left image). Turn the paper 180 degrees so the opening is facing the bottom (bottom right image).

Fold the left and right top flaps inward toward the center line and then unfold them back (top left image). Next pick up the top flap on the right side of your diamond. Perform another squash fold (top right image). Repeat the squash fold for the remaining three sides until it looks like a kite (bottom left image). Make a horizontal fold with the tip of the kite down so it meets the four points at the bottom and then unfold (bottom right image).

Turn the paper over (top left image) and then fold the flaps inward (top right image). Now unfold the flaps back (bottom left image) and then flip the bottom tip of the triangle up by lifting the mouth up and fold it back (bottom right image).

Flip your paper over and repeat the last step to the remaining three sides so the kite is upside down now. (top left image). Turn the kite around 180 degrees (top right image). Flip the bottom flaps up on all sides (bottom left image). Fold the bottom of the flaps toward the centerline (bottom right image).

Repeat the last step to the remaining three sides until it looks like a very thin kite (top left image). Peel apart the petals and curl to shape each of them with a pen or pencil (top left image). And your origami lily flower is complete.

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