Piggie Origami

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Here is the next in our series of easy origami projects. Today it is all about the pig. Check out the tutorial below. And if you make it, send us a photo.

Place your origami paper with the right side down.

Fold it in half diagonally. Create a sharp crease.

Unfold the triangle.

Fold the sheet of paper in half in the opposite direction from the first fold.

Unfold and place the paper so that one right angle/corner is pointing towards you.

Fold the right side to bring the right corner to the center of the vertical and horizontal fold lines.

Next fold the left side to bring the left corner to the center of the horizontal and vertical fold lines.

Fold in half bringing the top corner to line up with the bottom corner.

Fold up the corners making sure the corners line up with the center fold line. Because it is four layers of paper at this point, creating a sharp crease is very important to keep the fold down.

Working with just the top layer of paper, fold down the top corner to bring the corner to the bottom fold line. Create a sharp crease.

You can skip this part but I like to do it with kids because it helps to place the ears in the same spot on opposite sides. Fold the shape in half vertically.

Then fold the top right corners, all layers, as shown above.

Unfold and then fold down the right ear. Create a sharp crease.

Repeat on the other side, folding down the left ear and creating a sharp crease.

Now comes the fun part: drawing the features. You can do them in any order but I tend to like to do the eyes first.

Repeat on the other side.

And last but not least, add the nostrils. All done!

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