I’m always looking for easy DIY’s to make fabric flowers. I learned how to make these felt calla lilies years ago. I even did another DIY a while back. I decided to do this as part of my series on Mother’s Day crafts. It is perfect for younger students. Making a variety of them in different colors and then spraying them with mom’s favorite perfume, with her permission of course and finish by placing them in a vase.

I know mom will love these flowers that will never die.

For this DIY, I made a slight change in how the flowers are made. Instead of using a wood pike fo the stem, I used pipe cleaners instead. It made it less messy and it took a lot less time to make it.

For this DIY, supplies needed are minimal: felt fabric, heart template, 2 pipe cleaners: one yellow and one green, sewing pins, pair of scissors to cut fabric, pair of scissors to cut pipe cleaners and hot glue gun.

First step is to pin the template on the fabric and cut it out.

Measure 6 inches of the yellow pipe cleaner and cut it. You will be making the spadix, which is the yellow spike in the middle of the flower. Fold pipe cleaner in half, then fold in half again. Then twist a coupla times. Take the green pipe cleaner and fold in half. Then insert the loop end between the open “legs” of the yellow pipe cleaner and twist to the open ends.

Add a dab of hot glue just at the top of the inverted V of the heart.

Then quickly place the stem over the hot glue and hold in place until it sets.

Then add another dab of hot glue to one side of the curved edge and enclose the stem. Hold until set. Repeat on the other side.

Once the stem is enclosed, go ahead and shape the petals into that classic calla lily shape.

And voila, the flower is finished.

Here is the video of the DIY.

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