Ti’s the season to be jolly! I was so happy to be creating this snowman wreath simply because I knew no one else would have this on their door!

Every neighbor had already put up their traditional garland wreaths or those cute ornament wreaths which I was tempted to make. Alas I did not, I chose to create something different.

To get started you will need two wreath forms, a 9 inch and a 12 inch. You will need some beautiful white fluffy loop yarn, a pair of scissors, a little bit of twine, a scarf, a hat, possibly a glue gun and some embellishments like faux leaves. You can also use some zip ties instead of twine to tie the wreath forms together.

To begin the snowman wreath, first tie one end of the loop yarn to the wreath form (top left). I started with the 9″ one first. Keep wrapping the loop yarn around and around until you fully cover the entire wreath form (bottom right). You can tuck in the end piece of the loop yarn underneath so it won’t stick out.

Now you have to repeat this process on the 12″ wreath form. Once completed you will have two beautiful white pieces ready to go! The smaller piece lays on top the larger one, so you have a head and a body.

Turn the two wreath forms over so that the backside is now facing up. Using your fingers separate some of the loop yarn so that you can see the actual metal wiring of the wreath form. Using scissors, cut some twine or use zip ties, secure both wreath forms together like so. You may have to tie a couple of knots. Then you can cover it up with the loop yarn again so the wreath form is covered up properly.

Lastly you will dress up your holiday snowman by using the scarf, hat and embellishments. I opted out of the hat because I just didn’t like the way mine sat on it, I felt like the head was getting all covered up. I also did not need to use the glue gun in the end for the embellishments. I simply tucked them into the scarf. I think it’s better this way so next year, next week or even tomorrow, I can dress it up a little differently and give it some more life! I think it’s amazing how each day can be so different and that’s what makes life a real treasure. Happy Holidays!

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