Inspired by the holiday season, I wanted to create a table piece so I researched some ideas. I found one with beautiful ribbons that caught my eye.

This is my own creation and truly, I am so pleased with the final look.

For this project, you will need a pair of scissors, measuring tape, white tablecloth, a glue gun, and assorted ribbons of your preference. You can see I used different widths and texture, a little black lace piece and a thick velvet lavender one too. I fell in love with pretty purple hues and gold tones.

This project was designed to be for a doll’s table so the tablecloth is also doll size. The first step is to measure the length of your doll size tablecloth. Mine was 28” long by 26” wide.

Second step, you will need to play around with the arrangement of your ribbons until you reach your desired final look. I measured all the pieces length wise. I also gave them a little wiggle groom so I ended up snipping them at around 29” to play it safe. In the photo above I ended up not using the thin string of gems. I really did love them and played around with different looks, alas they will be hopefully incorporated another time.

Third step, I knew my layout so I started with the base. I used two different pieces of ribbon, a gold checkered one and a gold twine like one. I flipped the checkered ribbon upside down and then I used the glue gun to place small dollops all around the outer edge. Next I placed the twine ribbon over the glue dollops very carefully. I repeated this step on the second side of the checkered ribbon.

Once glued into place, flip it over right side up. There you have the base of the table runner ready for the next step. Looking pretty already!

Fourth step you will need to place more hot glue in the centerline of the checkered ribbon, right side up.

Fifth step, turn the velvet ribbon upside down and place dollops of hot glue 2” – 3” apart all along this ribbon. You DO NOT want to put hot glue on the velvet side. Then turn it right side up and very carefully place it directly over the center of the base.

Sixth step, take the black lace ribbon and dab a little hot glue on each round section. Carefully lay the black lace over the center of the velvet ribbon. Be careful, too much glue will be a hot mess and ruin the velvet!

Last step, hot glue the dark purple ribbon onto the very edge of the gold twine ribbon. It’s easier to dab the hot glue onto the purple ribbon and then slowly lay it on the gold twine one rather then the other way around.

Now your beautiful table runner is almost complete! You just need to trim away any ribbon that’s sticking out, a little snip snip should do it. You can arrange your doll’s table runner over her tablecloth and have a cute tea party or a holiday party with her doll friends!

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