This is a craft that resembles corn, a supermarket staple of the Fall season. It was so fun to see this craft come together, I would love to make more and in different sizes to put together in a wooden basket with a bunch of raffia to look like a real fall basket of goodies! It would be such a cute table decoration.

I decided to do this craft from an photo inspiration online. The version I saw was a tiny mini beaded corn about the size of a finger’s length, however the wire I had was much longer so I wanted to replicate a bit larger version. Also if I had used thicker, wider beads and a little longer wire it would resemble the thickness and length of actual corn. I tinkered with what was available to me and it looks just as lovely!

Let’s start by gathering your supplies. I used two different bead colors. The yellow stood out like real kernels and also I loved the color gradient on the blue beads. You will need some raffia, a glue gun, scissors, measuring tape, wire cutter, small pliers, two small bowls, pliable wire, and don’t forget the scotch tape. (Scotch tape is missing from my photo above)

The first step will be to measure and cut 4 pieces of wire to about 16″ long.

Second you will take two strands of wire, bend them in half and loop them through each other.

Afterwards you will loop in the remaining two strands one by one. They should come together like so. See image above.

Now you’re going to separate the two color beads. I used two small bowls to store my beads. See the color gradient in the blue I mentioned before. Ahh so very pretty!

Next you will pick one strand of your wire and identify the opposite ends of it. Begin to thread your beads through and keep repeating until all the wires are beaded to your preference. You MUST leave some room at the end of each strand, don’t fill them up completely. Hope you picked nice colors for your corn! To keep your strands organized as you continue, bead the empty strands then use the scotch tape to tape the ends of the strands together followed by taping those ends onto a table.

Now gather all of the wires at the tippy top and use one of them to wrap around the bunch. This will secure the ends of the corn with one wire strand. Not all of the wires will line up perfectly to one length and that’s okay!

Next grab your pliers, bend the ends of the wire bunch over in half and pinch together like so. This will create a nice stem for the next step. At this point you can also shape and mold your corn to your liking. The wire is pliable so be gentle.

Alright let’s go ahead and use that raffia now! Gather some raffia now in one hand. I used two different colors but you can choose whatever you like that would suit your colored beads. You will need to open up two wire ends to wrap around the raffia.

I used an extra piece of wire to hold the raffia more securely in place.

For the last step, you will need to heat up your glue gun and use some more raffia. Place a bit of glue over the wire you just coiled. Then take more raffia and wrap it over the glued coiled wire. Let your glue dry a bit before touching the raffia otherwise it will move around.

You can add as much or as little raffia as you like. You may even prefer to let some of the wire show or you may choose to cover it all up. Perhaps even a rose gold colored wire would be a nice touch! As long as you follow the steps in this tutorial, I’m sure your DIY Fall Beaded Corn craft will look splendid!

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