Party crackers always make me think of my childhood. Yes, they are filled with cheap plastic toys but the paper crown, cheesy joke and the snap when you pull it apart, always take me back there.

I love the shape of crackers and have used it as gift wrap over the years. For holiday 2020, I did a series on unique gift wrapping ideas and offered this as an option. I then decided to do a tutorial as well.

I decided to add the snap since I have a bunch of them, but if you are doing this as a gift, then you really don’t have to put the snap on.

This is a cute way to wrap a small gift. Make sure to wrap the gift in tissue paper first before inserting it inside the middle tube. This will keep it from sliding out of the tube while wrapping. I like it cos it is a fairly easy gift wrap style and does not require a lot of skill or material.

For this DIY, I used Thai unryu paper to wrap. I made double sided paper first by adhering two different colored papers together.

Supplies: Wrapping paper 13″ x 6″, ribbon 2.5″ x 6.5″, ribbon 1.5″ x 6.5, ribbon set each .5″ x 10″, 3 craft or toilet paper rolls, Christmas cracker snap, double sided tape, pair of scissors and hot glue gun

Attach the snap onto the wrapping paper. Make sure, that the glue is only applied on the ends of the snap.

Apply the double sided tape to the opposite edge of the snap as shown above. Then place 3 craft rolls and center them on the wrapping paper.

Then wrap the wrapping around the rolls and adhere.

Pull the outer rolls out slightly so there is a little separation between them and the center roll. Take one of the .5″ ribbons and tie it around one of the separation and create a bow. Repeat on the other side. Then pull out the outer craft rolls.

Finish up by wrapping and securing the wide ribbons around the center as shown above.

For the full tutorial, check out the video above.

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