A few years, I became obsessed with making fashion cards. I created a series of designs featuring shoes, bags, hats and rings. I used leather scraps, rhinestones, flocked paper and other doodads like ribbon, feathers paper flowers to make my little designs.

I moved about 3 months ago and as I was going through my storage containers, I cam across the cards again. It brought back some wonderful memories and kinda got the creative juices flowing again. So I decided to recreate some of those designs.

Today, I am starting off with the perfect summer accessory: flip flops. But mine are bedazzled. Wanna make your own, check out the DIY below.

Supplies: blank card & envelope, rhinestones (2 different sizes), leather scrap, shoe template, tacky glue, scissors, fabric marker, paint brush, tweezer, toothpick and container to hold the glue.

First step is to trace the shoe onto the leather. Make sure to flip the template 180 degrees.

Next cut out the shoes.

Apply glue to the backside of the shoe.

Place the shoes onto the front of the card.

Once the shoe soles are set on your card, it is time to adhere the rhinestones. Using tweezers, pick up a big rhinestone and add a tad of glue on the bag and place on one of the shoe soles.

Once happy with the placement, continue to add the smaller rhinestones to create the straps on either side of the large rhinestone.

Once done, press down and make sure that straps look look straight.

All done! A perfect gift for a fashionista in your life.

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