I am thrilled to introduce another of my American Girl Doll crafts. Today I present a rope rug.

I have been obsessing with rope crafts thus far, this summer. I’ve been experimenting making rugs, baskets and bags. The amount of crafts that one can do with rope is a lot. I will share the other rope crafts in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please check out my DIY to make a rope rug for 18 inch dolls. Of note, it is so bloody easy to make these. And it does not require a lot of materials. I got the hexagon cork tiles fand rope rom Amazon. The flossing, I got from Joann fabrics.

Supplies: rope, adhesive backed hexagon cork tile (the size I used is 8.5″ x 7.25″), embroidery floss and scissors

To start, unravel the rope to get the 3 distinct strand groupings. Cut each grouping to create layers (check out the video to see what I am talking about. Then fold the cut rope groupings onto itself and wrap the floss around the rope to cover the cut ribbon. This is stops the rope from unraveling as well as giving the end a nice clean finish.

Next peal the paper protecting the adhesive. Hold on to the paper just in case you do not finish the rug in one sitting.

Then, starting at the outer edge and a corner, start to place the rope on the cork tile to create your patter. For my design, I decided to do straight lines mixed with loops.

I did 3 straight lines of rope followed by one line of loops …

And continued with 5 straight lines.

I did my second row of loops and finished with 5ish straight rows. And then I cut and wrapped the end and squeezed into the open space in the center.

And voila! all done.

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