2018 Mad Hatter Tea Party: Part 1

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A few years ago I had just started working at one of my schools and worked with the kiddos on a Mad Hatter Tea Party.  The following year the Director of Afterschool Programs asked me to work with her to produce the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party that the school runs for all incoming Kindergartners.  Students would decorate a mad hatter hat (designed by yours truly of course) and then they would go to Central Park by the Alice in Wonderland Statue and have the picnic.

The first year I took care of everything from the food to the main activity.  Boy was it stressful especially as it concluded with us not being able to use the park cos we did not have a permit.  While we had to adjust our plans at the last minute, I was ok the results.

For 2017, we got the permit but because of rain, we had to switch the tea party to the school.  We had the school’s chef prepare the food this time and I was responsible for the dessert and lemonade.  Check out the pix below

For 2018, again Chef is again making the food.  While I admit that that is good cos its one very time consuming job I don’t have to do.  However, his food is not as delish as mine is.  One of the Clubhouse staff members who worked with me that first year still talks about my chicken salad to this day and how much she loved it.  For this year I have decided to make cake balls and use the marbling technique to cover them.  But for today, its all about making those hats.  I have about 20 already made but need to have about 68 in total for the day of.

So please wish me luck

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