Kanzashi Sunflower: A DIY

What I like about the tsumami kanzashi technique, is that you can make different types of flowers using the basic technique.  For this DIY, I decided to showcase sunflowers.

Beyond the classic yellow color, I decided to experiment with a few other colors: white and pink.  I also used pearls instead of Swarovski crystals for the white sunflower.  Do a light center instead of the standard dark color.  Play around with the colors and have fun with it.

Check out some examples below as well as the tutorial.

You can use the finished sunflower as a headband.

A close up of the sunflower.

Supplies: 12 2.5″ fabric squares, small self fabric circle about 1/2″ wide, thread the same color as the fabric (not shown), needle, scissors, 6 binder clips, Swarovski crystals; not shown tacky glue, hot glue (optional)

Place one of the fabric squares in front of you.

Fold the square diagonally to form a right triangle.

Fold the triangle in half again to create a smaller right triangle.  Place it in front of you so that the right angle is pointing away from you and the folded edge is on the left hand side.

Starting with the right side, fold to bring the right two edges to line up with the center of the triangle.

Repeat with the left side to have both edges meet in the middle.  You will have created an up side down kite shape. Place the binder clip as in the picture.

Turn the kit up side down so that the center where the two edges meet is now face down.

Cut off the tips to create an isosceles triangle.

Carefully fold it in half so that the center where the edges met is now on top and what were the outer edges are now on the bottom of the new shape.  In the fold, you will have created a center fold that needs to line up with the outer edges.  Make any adjustments necessary to make sure that not only the top lines up but the bottom as well.  It needs to be symmetrical or the petals will not line up properly when you combine them.  Hold the petal with a binder clip.

Repeat with the remaining 11 fabric squares.

Thread the needle giving yourself about 8 inches of double  thread.  Knot the end.

Now to attach the petals together: Remove the binder clip from one of the petals.  Pierce the petal with a threaded needle, as in the photo. Make the pierce point about half between the top and bottom of the petal and about 1/8″ from the cut edge. Do  not pull the petal off the needle.

Using the first petal as a guide, pierce the second petal making sure to line up the pointy tips.  You want to make sure that you are lining up the pointy sides as well as the top edges.

Add the next petal.  Make sure to keep the petals on the needle.

All 12 petals lined up tightly on the needle.

Pull the petals off the needle on to the thread.

Cut the needle off the thread, pull tight and make a double knot.  Cut off the long thread end pieces.

Next you will shape the flower by pulling, pinching and fluffing the petals so that all the petals line up in a straight line to each opposing petal.  Take the circle fabric piece and apply the tacky glue.

Make sure to cover the entire surface of the circle.

Place the circle on top of the petals, as centered as possible.

Cover the entire circle with tacky glue.

Then starting from the center, place the crystal or pearl.

Start to add the rest of the crystals creating a desired pattern.

Continue until the circle is covered.

All done!

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