Unicorn Headband DIY Kit

So I first got into unicorn headbands about 2 years ago. As with most activities I feature on this blog, I first came across the DIY while looking for an activity for class. Since I work at an all girls school, this seemed like a good choice.

The photo above is one of my earliest examples of the unicorn headband. Since then, I have modified the process of making them, which has allowed me to make this a part of our DIY kit.

Check out the DIY below.

Kit Supplies: 1 felt horn, 1 felt headband cover, 2 felt outer ears, 2 felt inner ears, 1 plastic headband, poly fill stuffing, 1 golden thread, paper flowers

Additional Supplies (not included): tacky glue, hot glue gun, string or yarn to measure the headband, toothpick (optional), binder clips (or no teeth hair clips, mini clothespin etc), dowel or pencil for stuffing, marker

First step is to cover the headband. Insert the headband into the cover. It will be a tight fit. You can place the seam line either on the inside center or the edge.

The cover is gonna be a little longer than the headband.

Cut off the excess cover about a quarter inch from where the headband ends.

This next step is optional but I find it is helpful in keeping cover in place. Using a toothpick, dab a little bit of glue on the inside of the cover.

To set the section in place, use a binder clip. Repeat on the other side and put aside to set

Next is ear time. Apply tacky glue to the back of one of the inner ears. Make sure you get the corners and the edges.

Gently place on to the outer ear as shown above. Repeat for the other side and set aside.

Stuffing time. Open up the horn and begin stuffing. The best way to do this and to avoid getting lumps, is to grab a little bit of the stuffing, separate it and then insert into the horn. Push the stuffing as far as you can with your finger.

Then use a dowel or the back end of a pencil to continue to push the stuffing into the horn tip. Continue to add the stuffing.

The horn is stuffed and ready for the next step. Set aside.

Remove the binder clips from the headband. Then use the yarn to measure the exact size of the headband, as shown above. Cut the yarn.

Fold the yarn in half and then line up the ends of the yarn to one of the headband ends.

Holding the yarn in place, place a mark on the headband at the point where the folded yarn ends. This step is important as it will be the guide for where to place the horn.

Place the horn over the marked spot on the headband. Make sure the seam on the horn is centered on one side of the headband.

Pull the horn tightly over the headband. Turn the headband up side down. I recommend adhering the back side with the seam first. Add a dab of glue the gently press the back flap down. PLEASE be very careful as the glue is very hot. Repeat on the other side.

Make sure you hold the sections down until the glue sets.

Almost ready for the fun part but first …

Time to attach the ears. Figure out where you want to place the ears. Once you are happy with the placement, first hold it in place with one hand and then add a line of hot glue with the other hand. Based on my photo above, the line of glue will run parallel on the seam.

Hold the ear in place until it sets. Then open up the ear, apply a thin line of glue to the inside edge of the ear and quickly bring the front and back pieces together before the glue dries. Once one ear is set, repeat for the other one.

Now is time to shape the horn. Optionally, you can do this step before you attach the ears.

Attach one of the golden yarn ends to the bottom of the headband with a little bit of hot glue. Hold in place until the glue sets. Cut off the end bits.

Using a spiral pattern, wrap the golden thread around the horn.

When you get to the top of the horn, wrap it around the tip several times then glue the end down.

Cut of the thread end.

Now is time to attach the flowers. Add a dab of hot glue to the bottom of the flower then place around the horn.

Add flowers between the ears and the horn as well the front and back of the horn.

All done!

Have fun making your headband. For this version, I used a single strand of rhinestone trim instead of golden thread.

Then I added a 3 strand rhinestone trim to the sides of headband.

Have fun with the process.

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