Train Card DIY Kit

Since I had started to buy the wood shapes in bulk, I started thinking of other ways I could use the shapes that was not related to bugs. It took me a while but I eventually came to trains as my first non-bug idea. That was quickly followed by flowers and then robots.

What I liked about the train cards was that they were are little more boy centric than most of my other projects.

So check out the DIY below.

Kit Supplies: 1 large wood square=cab, 2 small wood squares=windows, 6 small wood circles=wheels, 2 small wood ovals=connectors, 1 small wood square=chimney, 1 small wood star=smoke cloud, 1 medium wood star=smoke cloud, 2 large wood rectangles=wagons,

Additional Supplies (not included): paint (optionally you could use markers, colored pencils or crayons, paint brush, glue dots (optionally you could use regular glue), glitter, painters tape, paper plate

First step is to get all the wood shapes set on a plate. I use my trusty painters tape to help this next part. Tear off a small piece of painters tape and roll it on to itself to create something similar to double sided tape.

All the shapes ready for a little color.

All the train parts painted. I even added a little spoke action on the wheels. Set aside too dry.

I decided to color the smoke clouds separately. I painted them white …

and then sprinkled some glitter before the paint dried.

After all the pieces dried, I arranged them on my greeting card until I was happy with the spacing.

Then one by one, I adhered each piece to the card. For this particular project I used glue dots. But you can also use regular glue.

Glue dot on.

All done.

An easy but beautiful activity for a rainy day. And any family member would love to get a handmade card.

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