The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 – Pom Pom Gift Wrap

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So for one of my gift wrap ideas this year, I thought I would use pom noms.  After all, we had spent two classes last fall making pom noms with our Craft Market class and I felt that it would be fun to visit this technique again.

This is a very easy DIY.  I first wrapped the box in basic white paper.  And then the fun began.

Supplies: white paper, tape, scissors, gift in box, three colored yarns, hot glue gun

To make the pom noms, wrap some yarn around the palm of a hand.

To get a really fluffy pom pom, wrap as much yarn around on your hand as you can.  Once you have the desired amount, cut off the yarn from the ball.  Carefully slip the yarn off your hand.

Cut off about 6 inches of yarn from the ball and tie it around  the yarn.  Do a single knot and then turn it up side down and then do a double knot.  I find it easier to do this type of knot if trying to get a really tight knot.

Next step is to cut the loops of the yarn per the photo above

Trimming time is next.  Cut off the ends of the yarn until you get to the size and fluffiness you want.

All done!  Repeat the pom pom making technique to create more balls.

Cut 6 pieces of yarn from each color.  To determine the size: wrap the first yarn around opposing sides of the box and then add about 5″ extra.  Cut and use that as your measurement for the rest of the yarn pieces.   Next create a T using your yarn, on a flat surface.

Double knot the yarns together, making sure to do one overlap and then double knotting.

Next trim off the ends of the knotted yarn.

Using hot glue, place the pom pom balls onto of the gift in whatever design you desire.

Voila, all done.

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