Origami Fox

Here is another of my easy origami projects.

This time I will be making a fox. Check out the tutorial below. Oh by the way the supplies are square paper and marker.

Place the paper in front of you as shown above.

Fold in half diagonally. Create a sharp crease by running a nail along the folded edge.

Fold the triangle in half, making sure that the corners and edges line up, but do not press on the new fold.

What you will be doing however is pressing just on the edge that is circled above.

Unfold. You will use that mini fold point as a guide for your next fold.

For the next fold, bring the right angle corner to the mini fold you created above.

Create a sharp crease on the new fold.

For the next two folds you will use the above photo as a guide. In the photo above you can see that there are 3 triangular shapes. You will be folding the outer triangles so that the where the dotted line is, becomes the outer fold line.

Fold the outer triangles as shown above.

Create sharp creases.

Now is time to draw in the fox’s features. I started with the eyes.

And finished with the nose,

Here is the fox all done.

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