Mini Fairy Lantern: From Scratch

So I came across fairy lanterns just a few weeks ago. I fell in love with the idea right away. My main audience is girls between 5 and 9 and realized that this is the type of activity that they would love.

So I set about trying to figure out how to make them. They are pretty easy to make. Especially if you have a Cricut or other electronic cutting machine, cos it helps with cutting the fairy silhouettes especially the ones with more intricate design cut outs. The only other thing that may not be readily available is the moss. Also while I used silk flowers, cut outs could also work.

Having an ultra fine grade glitter is essential for this project. I tried making the lantern with 3 different brands of glitter with awful results. The one I ended up using I got from Amazon. I bought the moss many years ago for one of my classes. I purchased it at a floral supply shop. The jars were from Amazon and the silk flowers were from Michaels. And the fairy lights were also from Amazon.

Supplies: 4 oz mason glass jar, moss, silk flowers, white glue, ultra fine glitter, 20 gauge wire, fairy silhouette, black cardstock, pair of scissors

First, trace the outline of the top of the glass jar on black cardstock. You could bypass this and the next step by having your Cricut or other electronic cutting machine cut out the circles for you.

Then cut out the circle. Make sure that the circle is small enough to slide horizontally into the glass jar. Set aside.

To make the lantern handle, wrap the wire 3 times around the widest part of the glass jar. Cut it off and straighten as much as you can.

About 3 inches from one tip, place your pliers to create a loop.

Wrap the wire three times around and then snip off the little end bit.

Wrap the wire around the bottle to figure out the position of the second loop. Since the size has to be precise, make sure to place the wire just below the last ridge of the screw top. Measure up to the bottom of the loop and take note of the spot. You can also use a sharpie to mark the point then use rubbing alcohol to wipe the mark off when finished.

Roughly fold in half lining up the bottom of the loop with the just measured point.

Line up your pliers just a hair past the medium point of the, making sure the pliers are on the long side of the wire. Create your loop as you did for the first one.

Wrap the wire around the jar below the lowest ridge of the screw top as tightly as you can. When the long wire comes to the first loop, wrap it around the loop 2 or 3 times then bring the wire to the 2nd loop and wrap it tightly. If need be, cut off any extra wire left and then use a plier to make sure the end is tucked in nicely.

All done and ready for the next step.

Next, paint the inside of the jar with a thin layer of glue. Make sure to paint all the way to the lip of the container.

Right away, pour a little bit of the glitter into the just painted jar.

Close the jar and shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake the jar.

Pour out any excess glitter and then set aside.

Next grab some moss that is just big enough to fit on the black circle. Cut and make any adjustments needed to make that happen.

Once you have the right size, add a dab of hot glue to the bottom of the moss.

Place and hold it on the black circle until it sets.

Cut and resize the flowers you will be using until they fit into the glass jar. Figure out the placement and once you are happy with it, hot glue them in place.

Once the hot glue has set with the floral design, it’s time to place the greenery into the glass jar. Add some hot glue to the bottom of the circle.

Insert it into the glass jar and firmly press it down.

Now you are almost done. Here is my fairy silhouette. I liked the idea of two fairies playing and frolicking together.

Now to place the fairies in the jar, I found that it was easier to place a dab of glue on the heads of the fairies and adhere them directly to the glass jar. Doing it this way makes it easier to see the fairies.

For the light, I decided to use fairy lights. You can uncoil or leave as is when you place the lights in the jar. You want to place them so that that are being the fairies.

And here it is. All Done. It definitely has that magical feel about it. Don’t you agree?

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