My day job or rather, my income producing job, is as an after school instructor. So I am busy during the school year and not so much during the summer. So a few years ago, I agreed to help a friend of mine during the summer by being her primary childcare giver for her twin girls who turned 7 this year.

Along with all the fun crafting projects, going to the park and other interesting activities, I also work with them on their school work. This year we got library cards cos they have both started reading and I thought that was a good way to encourage more reading without it costing mom too much money.

The youngest twin is special needs and it takes her a lot longer to process things and as such, she is behind academically from her twin and other students in her class. So while older twin has read three books since we got our library cards, I am proud to say younger twin is half way through reading her first book

So in honor of my two girls and reading, I thought I would highlight a few tutorials on making bookmarks. This tutorial does not require a lot of supplies. Check it out below.

Supplies: 4 strips of colored (1/2″ x 11″ long), glue tape, tassel, jump ring, hole puncher, pair of scissors, flat nose plier, round nose plier,

Apply the adhesives to the edge of the first strip.

I decided to go with the purple family for my color theme. I started by adhering the dark shade first. Line the second strip up at a 90 degree angle and make sure the edges line up.

Then I adhered the lighter purple shade. Glue and line up the 2nd color just below the first color making sure that the edges line up exactly.

Now it is folding time. I started with the dark purple on the left hand side. Fold the dark purple so that it lines up with the light purple on the right side. Make sure the corners of the fold are tight. Make sure you create a sharp crease on every fold, especially if using cardstock.

Repeat with the dark purple on the right side.

Continue with the folding.

Finished with the folding.

Time to get the fine detail taken care of. Snip off all of the long end pieces so that you have a nice clean bottom.

Once you are happy with the bottom, adhere the end strips down,

All set for the final steps. Start off by punching a hole near the bottom corner. Set aside momentarily.

Next add the jump ring to the tassel.

Then pull the jump ring through the hole in the bookmark. Close the jump ring.

All done.

My bookmark is ready to test drive.

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