Everyone always paints or craves pumpkins, but why not paint some rocks! Its fun, easy, and they don’t rot. Here are some ideas of what you could paint on your rocks.

Supplies: Rocks and Paint (I liked regular paint for the base and then paint pens for the details)


Start out by painting the entire rock orange. (I used regular paint and a paint brush for this) Then use your paint pens to add a jack-o-lantern face and a small circle for a stem.


This one is real simple. Paint your rock white. Then paint on three ovals for the mouth and eyes.


I went for a more cartoon-y bat. First I drew the outline with a black paint pen. I decided to make mine purple, so I filled it in. The final step is to add a face to your bat.


This was one of my favorites. First paint the bottom of the rock green. Then paint the shape of your gravestone in grey. Let that dry and then write whatever you want on the gravestone.

Spider and Spiderweb

To make the spider, first draw a circle for the body and then add some legs. I know spiders have 8 legs, but only 6 fit on mine’s body, so that’s what I went with. Fill in the body of your spider and add some colorful eyes. Optionally, add a line up from your spider as the string to the spider web.

To make a corner based spider web, pick a point in one corner of the rock. Draw three lines out from this point.

Connect adjacent lines with three curved lines.

I expanded my web with two more lines out from the center point. (Don’t forget to add the curved lines to connect)


Start by making two yellow circles for the eyes on your rock. Next, draw two black lines above and below the eyes.

Add two diagonal lines that stop at the bottom of the four previous lines. And add one more horizontal line on either side of the diagonal pair.

Fill in the space around the eyes.


My rock was already white, so I outlined the shape of the skull head, the eyes and added the nose.

Fill in a boarder of color around the skull. Add a mouth. And some color for pupils. I did not like the shape of my skull head so I changed it by filling in more.

Fill in the rest of the eyes around the pupils. I would recommend filling in the eyes and then adding the pupils, instead of the way that I did it.

Witch’s Hat

Draw the outline of your witch’s hat. Fill in the base black. Decorate the top portion however you want. I did green and purple stripes.

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