Beaded bracelets are easy and fun to make and look really good. This flower bead pattern can be repeated multiple times or left as just one flower. It could also be used in other jewelry, like a necklace!

Supplies: 7 beads for flower (6 of one color and 1 of another color), spacer beads (I used 4), string, clasp, scissors and liquid glue.

Measure a piece of the string from your fingertips to your elbow. This will be long enough to go around your wrist with a little extra.

Making the Flower

Add four beads of the petal color (color with 6 beads) and the single other color bead to the string. Make sure the different color bead is on the far right.

Take the right end of the string and thread it through the left most bead. You should have a loop that has the other four beads on it. Pull what was the right thread to shrink the loop.

Add the last two flower beads to the end of the string that just went through the bead (what was the right string).

Take the end of the string with beads 6 and 7, and thread it through bead 4.

Pulling tightly on the left and right ends forms the flower. If you let go the string will expand and the flower will not stay together, so we are going to add securing beads on either side.

Side Securing Beads

Add a piece of tape to the right side of the string to hold it down. Add two beads (any color) onto the left side of the string.

Thread the left end through the added bead furthest from the flower, going from the side closer to the flower to away from the flower.

Pull the left end of the string tight to create a knot around the bead.

Repeat this process of adding two beads and threading the string through on the other side.

If you want to add multiple flowers skip adding the securing beads on the side that you are going to add more flowers to. Add securing beads after all your flowers are added, there does not need to be any between the flowers.

Multiple Flowers

Adding more flowers is completely optional, so skip this section if you want to.

The process is the exact same as for the first flower.

Add however many spacer beads (I used four) you want to. Then add 4 petal beads and 1 bead for the center.

Thread the right string through the petal bead closest to the spacer beads.

Add the 5th and 6th petal beads. Then thread the end of the string through the 4th petal bead.

Pull tight on the two ends of the string. And add a securing bead after the second flower.

You can add as many flowers as you would like and use however many spacer beads too.


I used a magnetic clasp for my bracelet, but you can use whatever kind you want.

Tie a double knot to secure each half of the clasp to an end of the string. Add a dab of liquid glue after the first knot to secure the second knot. Trim the excess string.

Congrats, you’ve finished your bracelet!

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