This fairy flower pencil comes as part of our Whimsical Enchantment DIY Kit. As previously mentioned, I initially came up with the idea for the fairy flower pencils when trying to come up with activities for my Craft Market class for Spring 2020, which was themed Fairyland or something like that.

After creating several fairies, I realized I liked this particular technique to make the fairy as it looks like a flower and hides what’s on the inside. When you gently push down on the petals, you reveal the hidden fairy.

Check out the DIY below.

Kit Supplies: #2 pencil, faux flower petals, wooden fairy head

Additional supplies required but not included: glue gun

To start, heat the glue gun. Once it is ready, pick a spot near the top of the pencil and add a dab of hot glue.

Place the flower over the hot glue and hold it down until it sets. PLEASE be careful as the glue is very hot. Instead of holding it down, patting it down also works.

Turn the pencil around and add another dab of hot glue.

Place the flower over the hot glue until it sets. From this point, continue to place the flower keeping two things in mind: always overlap the petal before and your will be following a somewhat spiral pattern.

Continue to place the petals until you have used them all up or you like the way it looks.

Gently push the petals down …

… to expose the top of the pencil. Add a dab of glue to the top …

And carefully place the head on top of the glue. Hold it in place until the glue sets.

This is how the pencil looks while the fairy is sleeping.

And this fairy when she is ready to play.

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