Here’s a bright, festive, fun colored DIY that you can do with your little ones. This was inspired by a photo I saw online and I just couldn’t wait to recreate one for myself. I loved the colors so much, it was definitely eye catching and so pretty.

I had a spare wooden bamboo ring left, I figured this would be a terrific way to use the wooden ring and it gets covered up with yarn so it looks so vibrant! Again it was the colors that drew me in for this craft. The one thing I changed in my recreation of this DIY was the unicorn horn. There was an option to create a different kind of horn with felt fabric so that it becomes a cone shape instead a flat cut of glitter paper. I choose to keep my unicorn horn flat.

For this fun DIY craft you will need the following supplies: a glue gun, scissors, a marker, colored paper, felt fabric, glitter paper, faux flowers, a few ribbon options, a few yarn options and of course your wooden bamboo ring.

The first step is to make our unicorn ears, both the outer and inner sections. I choose pink colored paper for my unicorn’s inner ear. Then I choose felt fabric for the outer ear. The best way to do this would be to set your wooden bamboo ring on the colored paper and use your marker to draw out the ears. Use your imagination! Think about where you would like to place them on and how big the ears will be. Once you cut them out, then place the inner ears on top of the felt fabric and draw two outer ears. Now you have to cut them and place both aside.

The second step is to cut out the unicorn’s horn. I used the glitter paper for this. Just like the first step, place the wooden bamboo ring on top of the glitter paper, using your imagination, draw out a horn with your marker and then cut it out using scissors. Set this aside for now.

The third step is to use your glue gun to secure your yarn to the wooden bamboo ring just like the image above on the top left. Continue to wrap the yarn securing it with hot glue around the ring until it is fully covered.

Now for the web inside the ring, you’re going to need to pick a different colored yarn. I choose this beautiful sparkly gold yarn which was a lot thinner then the blue yarn I used to wrap the ring. Tie one end to the ring like the image above. Using your scissors, snip off any bit that needs a trim.

Once one end of the yarn for the web is tied, go ahead and create your own web! Tie off the other end of the yarn as well to finish your web. This part was pretty fun too, it’s cool seeing how the web will come together once you’re done. I really love the sparkles inside my gold yarn.

Next up, you will arrange your unicorn ears and horn on the ring to your liking. When you have your ears and horn set up how you like it, hot glue them in place.

Now you do the same for the arrangement of the faux flowers. I used five pieces of faux flowers and tried to place them directly under the top side of my bamboo ring. When you decide you like your arrangement, hot glue the flowers in place.

You will now need to cut some long pieces of ribbon. I have two different colors for my unicorn dreamcatcher. You can choose as many as you like. They should be long enough to hang from the bottom end of the ring. I did not measure the ribbons for this craft.

Finally the last step is to hot glue all of your ribbon pieces in place to your desire. And now you have your unicorn dreamcatcher! Share your photos we would love to see them. This is the prettiest dreamcatcher I’ve ever made that’s for sure.

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