I saw this pretty fan-like envelope and it captured my interest, so I decided to recreate it.

Isn’t the coral color just so pretty? YES it is! The fan pointing diagonally with its accordion folds is arranged just right on the envelope as well. I also added some glitter stickers to mine for a pop of contrast color and shimmer.

The supplies needed for this craft is minimal, just two items, maybe three. Colored paper, mine was 8.5 x 11″. Then I added some glitter stickers, you can opt out on this part. Lastly maybe grab a pen in a pretty color to write a message inside for the intended recipient of this beautiful envelope.

Top Left: Fold the top left corner down 3/4 of the paper. Top Right: Fold the bottom left corner up to meet the new folded edge. Bottom Left: Fold the top of the triangle down to the bottom right corner. Bottom Right: Fold the left triangle point to meet the middle of the paper.

Top Left: Open up the paper now leaving the bottom left corner folded inwards like so. Top Right: Flip the paper over so that the folded corner is now on the top left side. Bottom Left: Fold the bottom right corner in to meet the middle point that we created then unfold. Bottom Right: Then refold that same corner to meet the new line we created like so. DO NOT unfold.

Top Left: Now take that same bottom right side and fold it in half to meet the diagonal crease. Top Right: Accordion fold that same piece inwards once. Bottom Left: Repeat the accordion fold twice. Bottom Right: Repeat accordion fold for the last time which will be the third time.

Top Left: Now release the accordion fold to reveal itself. Top Right: Scrunch up the accordion folds into one hand, just use two fingers to pinch. Bottom Left: Flip the entire paper over so that the accordion fold is on the top right side, keep your fingers pinched on your right hand. Bottom Right: Fold the top left point down following the diagonal crease.

Top Left: Fold the left triangle inwards to the center. Top Right: Fold the bottom half upwards. Bottom Left: Carefully fold the top down to reveal the accordion fan and spread it out to your liking. Bottom Right: Now you can do the finishing touches by adding the stickers and writing a sweet message inside the envelope for the intended recipient.

And that my friends is your diy paper- fan envelope! It would be super cute to be used as invitations for a small party or a thinking of you card.

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