This DIY is part of my American Girl Doll crafts collection. This has been my obsession for most of this year. The quarantine has given me time to work on some of these crafts and this was one of them.

Fairy skirts are fun to make and very easy too. It does not require a lot of supplies just net fabric and ribbon or if you prefer elastic for the waistband. A pair of scissors or if using elastic a needle and thread.

While I don’t show the DIY with the elastic, it too is pretty easy. Measure out the waist of the doll and then do an 1 inch overlap. Using small stitches, sew parallel along both cut edges. Once done, use the back of a child chair or something similar where you can stretch the elastic. From that point, you can start adding the netting fabric.

For this skirt, I used an iridescent green netting.

Please check out the video below for the how-to.

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