So this may be one of my favorite food crafts: Rainbow Cake Balls. I take those cake balls and create all kinds of whimsical creatures from unicorns to caterpillars.

This post is all about unicorns. I used the best cake ball recipe ever. It is a recipe I’ve been using for years now. I like to use it in my classes, cos it is a very easy recipe, almost like a pound cake. If I was ever in a situation where it was making a cake without a recipe right now or my life, that is the recipe I would use.

I will do a post for making the rainbow cake balls in the near future. This post is about the decoration.

So, the supplies are: cake ball, gum paste, edible black marker, gum paste small flowers, gold leaf, 2 small paint brushes, toothpick, a little bit of water.

To start, get a piece of gum paste about the size of of your thumb nail. Roll it up to make a snake shape, that is a little thicker in the middle and thinner on the tips, see in the gallery below, top left.

Then create a u-shape as in the top right photo and twist the gum paste to create the horn.

Insert a toothpick as shown above. Then set aside, flat, until the gum paste dries.

Once the gum paste dries, paint it lightly with water, making sure to get into the nooks and crannies. Then stick the horn onto one sheet of gold leaf and wrap it around, then use a dry brush to gently press the gold leaf onto the horn.

Now comes the fun part: creating the signature look of unicorns.

Draw in the definitive unicorn eyes.

Then stick the toothpick into the cake ball until the horn is touching the cake ball. Then start to add the rest of the unicorn features: ears and flowers.

Now I just noticed that I do not have any shots of making the ears. Watch the video to see how to create them.

And voila! The unicorn cake balls are now ready to enjoy.

Check out this video to see how I made it.

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