Umbrella: A Paper Craft DIY

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For our Friday DIY for this week, I looked to our workshops at Grand Bazaar Market as inspiration.  One of the crafts we will be working on is a paper craft to make an umbrella and ballerina.

I first came across this paper craft a coupla years ago.  I thought it was adorable beyond belief and so as I always do, I learned how to make it.  It is a fairly easy craft to do.  But meticulous work is essential.  Making sure all the edges line up is essential as is making all the creases sharp.

You can do this craft with kids as young as 4 or 5 years of age.  The biggest lesson with this craft is paying attention to details.  If those edges do not line up, then you will lose the beauty of this project.  Try it out.  Its a great rainy day activity.

Supplies: double sided origami paper (I used the 6″ x 6″ size), 20 gauge colored wire, round nosed pliers, flat nosed pliers, bail making pliers (optional, you can use something like a lip balm tube instead), glue (while I show regular glue above, I have been using glue tape as a preferred method for adhering in this craft lately) and 2″+ paper punch (I kinda go back and forth between 2.5″ and 3″ sizes for this craft).

First step is to use the punch to cut 10 circles.  Set aside 9 circles.

Next decide if you are going to be creating a pattern e.g. maybe every other circle will be a different color.  Once that has been decided, it is important to know that the color you will see the most of is the inside color.  By this I mean, when you are fooling the circles, the first time, make sure that the preferred color is on the inside.  The example in the photo above shows that gray is the preferred color.

Fold the circle in half, making sure that all the curved edges line up.  Create a sharp crease on the fold.

Fold semi circle in half to create a a right angle triangle shape with one curved edge.

Again create a sharp crease on the new fold.  You create a sharp crease by using your fingernail or a bone scorer and running it over the fold.

Repeat for the remaining circle pieces making sure to alternate the folds if creating a color block pattern.

Once all the circles are folded open the first triangle and spread a line of glue as in the photo above.  Please note, this is the direction you will always take when apply glue in this craft: start at the right angle and come straight down to the curved edge.  Refold to create the right angle triangle and gently press on the glue line to adhere and set aside.  Repeat for the remaining pieces.

Next, take one of the adhered triangles and place a line of glue as in the photo above.

Take the next triangle and line up the edges so that the folds are on the same side and the rest of the edges line up exactly.  Press the two pieces together.  Then add a line of glue to one side of the double triangles and adhere the 3rd triangle.

Making sure that the pieces line up.

All ten pieces adhered together.  Set aside.

Cut a 10″ piece of wire.  Fold in half to create a u shape.

Press the two sides together so that there is no space between them as in the photo above.

Then create a loop on one of the open ends.  This hides a possibly sharp end so that it does not scratch anyone.

Repeat on the other side.

Now to come back to triangles.  Apply glue to side where all the folded edges are.  Allow it to dry briefly before adding the wire.

Place the wire on the recently glue side as shown in the photo above.

Add the final line of glue as shown in the photo above.  Then open up the triangles, kinda like an accordion, and bring the two sides together and press together.  I often hold it together with a binder clip.

Then gently squeeze the umbrella together so that the center adheres together.  Hold it in place for a good 2 to 3 minutes.

Almost done.  The last steps are juts to fluff out the umbrella.  To make sure that the openings are evenly spaced out.

And here it is.  Use it as an ornament or as decoration in your room.

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