The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 11 – Simple Braided Suede Bracelet

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Along with this being our DIY for the 10th day of our The 12 Days of Christmas, we will also be using this in our Craft Market class this winter term: Simple Braided Suede Bracelet.  Since this is our second youngest group: pre-k and 1st grade, the braiding had to be something fairly simple but it had to look lovely.  So this is our version of a braided bracelet that even the youngest can do.

For this tutorial, the first six photos showcase the braiding technique.  I decided to use there different colored suede pieces so that it was easier to see.

Line up the 3 suede pieces together and tape them to your workspace as the pix above.

I started working braiding from the left.  I lifted the light pink suede over the dark pink suede to now place it in the middle.  Of note, the braiding technique is the same that you would use to braid hair.  Just remember to flip the

Next place the dark red suede over the light pink suede to position it in the middle.


From this point on, each suede piece has to be turned 180º every time it is overlapped.  In the example above, the part of the dark pink suede that was touching the work surface will now be face up when you overlap the dark red suede..

Continue to braid, alternating sides and making sure to turn each suede piece upside down every time you overlap.

Braiding all done..

Supplies: suede cording, 2 flat nosed pliers, 1 set of cording end pieces, 2 jump rings, 1 set of magnetic closures

To make this Red Simple Braided Bracelet, the first step is to attach one of the end pieces as shown in the photo above.

Once the first end piece is attached, start braiding.

The braiding is all done.

Attach the 2nd end piece …

along with the magnet.

All done!

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