This tassel bookmark is the perfect gift for a book lover, or just to make anytime!


  • 2 pieces of patterned or colored paper (a thicker paper would be better)
  • Yarn
  • 3.25 inch wide piece of cardboard
  • Other: Scissors, Ruler, Pencil, Glue, Hole Punch

Start by drawing a 2.25 inch by 7 inch rectangle on the back of one of the pieces of paper and cut this out.

Glue the back of the cut out rectangle to the back of the other piece of paper.

Once dry, cut the other paper to match the first rectangle. You should now have a double sided base to your bookmark. (If you wanted you could use the same paper for each side, but I like having two different ones.)

Now time to make the tassel! I made my tassel along a 3.25 inch length of scrap cardboard. Start wrapping the yarn around. One wrap counts as from the top, down the front, up the back, ending at the top again.

I originally wrapped it 45 times, but this was way too much. I later made a white tassel and only wrapped it 25 times. Make sure the end of your wrapping stops on the same side that you started (top vs bottom).

Using about 10 inches of yarn, thread this yarn through the side with all loops, not the side where you started/ended.

Tie a double knot with this piece of yarn and secure with a little bit of glue. Then remove the tassel from the carboard.

Cut about a 20 inch length of yarn. About 1/2 an inch below the knot, wrap this yarn around all the loops of yarn 5-10 times. Do not wrap around the yarn used to tie the knot. Then tie a knot with the ends of the wrapping yarn and secure with glue.

The wrapping can be difficult for one person, you can always ask someone to hold the base of the tassel while you wrap.

Trim the excess yarn by cutting through all the loops at the bottom of the tassel.

Punch a hole in the center of one end of the paper bookmark base.

Thread one of the ends of the yarn from tying a knot at the top of the tassel through the hole. Tie a knot, securing the tassel to the bookmark and then add a little bit of glue to the knot. Trim any excess yarn.

Congrats! You’ve finished. Below is the tassel made with only wrapping 25 times.

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