For the last year or so, I have been curious about sliding knots. In order to close a bracelet that the kiddos made, we have been using mostly magnets. But I wanted to figure out a way for kids to do it without having to go on Amazon or Michaels to buy them. So a coupla weeks ago, I finally came across this sliding knot that I really like and that is relatively easy to do.

If you are making a bracelet, I recommend practicing this a coupla times before you do it on the actual bracelet. While it is an easy knot, becoming comfortable making the knot first, removes any frustrations. I will be posting a DIY to make a macrame bracelet soon, and I used four strands of cording on each side. I would not have finished the bracelet without a clear understanding of how to make this knot. It was a little frustrating and and to restart several times before I finally got it to work right.

Check out the tutorial below.

I decided to use two colors of the cording so you could see clearly the technique.

First step is to bring your cording into a circular shape so that the end piece coming from the left side overlaps the end piece coming from the right side. In this DIY, the white cording is left and the black cording is the right.

Next step is to create our first loop. To do this, bring the white cording end down towards the black cording. Keep going in the right direction and then bring it down and over the black cording. Keep boing but this time you will be going towards the left side. You will need to bring the white end under the white and black cording as shown above.

Then you are going to create another loop on top of the first loop and making sure to go underneath both black and white layers as shown above.

Now, bring the white end through both loops as shown above.

Carefully and gently pull the white end so that the loops tighten around the black cording.

All done. It should show loops side by side on one side and …

And a crossover X shape as shown above on the other side. So this knot will be moving on the black cording.

Easy right?

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