S Hook Clasp: A DIY

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S clasps are a perfect way to finishing a beautifully handmade jewelry gift.  They are also fairly simple to make.

Wanna give your handmade jewelry that beautiful handmade finish?  An S Hook Clasp is the perfect closure: simple but elegant and perfect for necklaces and bracelets.  All you need a re just a few simple supplies:: 18 or 16 guage wire, ruler, wire cutter, round nose cutter, large bail-making mandrel pliers,

Cut the wire to 3″ long.

Hold the tip of the wire at the tip of the round nose pliers.

Wrap the wire around the pliers to create a loop.

Place the wire in-between the mandrel as the photo above.  Position it so that the outside of the loop is facing the large jaw and sits flush against where both jaws meet. You will be wrapping the wire around the smaller jaw.

Wrap the wire tightly around the small jaw as in the photo.  Remove the pliers.


Repeat the process to create a loop on the other side of the wire.

The small loop should be looped to the same side as the big loop per the photo above.

To create the largest loop, place the wire between the jaws making sure that the loops are facing the smaller jaw.

Wrap the wire tightly around the big jaw

Remove the pliers and voila, Your S clasp is done.  Use it as a closure on a bracelet or necklace.  Also feel free to play around with the final size.  One that is smaller may be best for a more dainty bracelet  vs. a larger one that is most ideal for a chunky necklace.

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