Mother’s Day Gift DIY: Cleopatra’s Secret

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Cleopatra’s Secret is one of my favorites gifts for Mother Day.  In fact I truly believe that it is a great gift for almost any occasion.  Give it as a birthday gift or use it to invite family and loved ones to a bridal shower.  I usually adhere a flocked paper to the outside of the plain cardstock before I cut out the pyramid.  Just to make sure I get straight edges, I cut the shape with a box cutter and ruler.

When it comes to deciding the type of flowers to use, I have experimented with carnations and roses.  When making the smaller gifts, 6″ to 8″, then spray roses should be used.  Spray roses are compact and present a more refined look.  Carnations should be used on 8″+ gifts.  Carnations give a more abundant look.

Supplies: 6.5″ template, spray roses, ribbon, .25″ wide hole puncher, hot glue.

First step is to cut out the pyramid.  Punch a hole in the four corners and score to create the four triangles and square as in the photo above.

Next I wrote my message on the blank flap.

I cut the rose bulbs off the stem and positioned them in the center of the square.  Once you have them positioned as desired, add a dab of glue on the bottom of each rose bud and adhere it to the yardstick.  If using the 6″ pyramid, you will use two levels of rose buds but if 8″+ pyramid then three levels of rose buds.

All done.

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