Holiday Card Paper Wreath DIY

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Todays DIY Craft will be a paper wreath made from cardstock, to put a personal touch on your greeting cards.

We will be using the quilling technique which is the art of curling ,rolling and glueing paper together to make pretty designs. At first I didn’t know the name of this art stye until I had to do this project . But I have made many in the past for friends and family.

You will need :different shades of cardstock, white paper to trace template, a pencil , glue stick , scissors, an exacto knife , a cutting mat , a ruler , and a customizable card or just a blank card.

Use the ruler , exacto knife and cutting mat to measure and cut your strips as even as possible.

Trace your card so you know how big to make your wreath and how much space your working with.

Use the scissors to start you curl. Press the paper between your thumb and the scissors and pull.

This is what it should look like when done.

Then roll tighter between your fingers to make the berries.

Until you have fully curled the whole stripe.

When making the leaves instead of rolling it tighter pinch the ends.

Put a little glue on the ends to close up the swirl, so it will not unravel.

Note: the thinner the paper strips you use the harder it is to glue it together.

Once all the papers are rolled pinched and glued, you can begin to glue them together to start to form your wreath.

After you glue all the paper together, you can add a little extra flare by adding a paper bow.

To make it easier to glue to the card you can cut and glue strips of paper to the back of the wreath.

All done

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