Heart Ring: A DIY

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you’re anything like me, I always get so excited planning fun stuff to do for the holiday. Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romantic love. It’s an opportunity to slow down and tell the people around you how much you love and appreciate them, whether that be a significant other, friends, or family.

Around Valentine’s Day, hearts and the colors pink and red start popping up everywhere. These symbols of love help remind us what the holiday is all about, but love is something that can and should be shown every day. Because of that, this heart ring makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, but it can also be made any other time of the year to show someone how much you care about them. And these rings are so quick and easy to make, you may as well make one for yourself while you’re at it!

Supplies: Wire (20 gauge), round nose pliers, wire cutters, flat nose pliers, and a ring mold (or something round that’s approximately the diameter of your finger).

First, cut the wire. It should be about 5-6 inches long.

Place your round nose pliers a few inches from the end.

Curl the wire around the pliers into a loop to make one side of the heart.

Bend one side of the loop up. This will create the dip that’s at the top of the heart.

Use your flat nose pliers to flatten down the point so the wire lays better.

Next, hold the dip of the heart in between your round nose pliers.

Wrap the wire around the other side of the pliers, forming the other side of the heart.

Adjust the way the wires cross at the bottom to shape your heart how you like it.

Next, wrap the shorter end of wire around the base of the heart to secure it.

Then, cut off the excess wire.

Wrap your heart and the rest of the wire around your ring mold to shape your ring.

Finally, cut off the excess wire and create a hook around one side of the heart to close the ring.

And your heart ring is done!

Alternate Version: You can also make a double heart ring using this same technique! Simply cut your wire a little longer, and instead of closing the ring by making a hook, make another heart instead.

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