Doggie Origami

Doggie Origami. As with all the simple origami creatures we are creating, this one is easy enough for the youngest kids. As always, each Doggie can be customized by drawing different features. Check out the tutorial below.

Decide which side of the paper you want on the outside. For this Doggie, I decided I wanted the yellow side to be the right side.

Turn the paper right side face down on the table.

Fold the paper in half diagonally to create a right side triangle.

Create a sharp crease by running a nail on the newly created fold line.

Create a smaller triangle by folding the large triangle in half. Create a sharp crease.

Now for the next step, I recommend doing the following especially when doing this with kids. This will allow the kids to create ears that are evenly spaced. If this is an adult or older child doing this, you can just guesstimate the placemats of the ears. For the younger child friendly technique, place the small triangle in front of you so that the right angle is on the top left side. Guesstimate the fold lines for the ears. Working from the top right hand side, then take both layers and fold the top corners down to create a similar shape to the photo above. Create sharp a crease.

Next unfold the ears and the small triangle to get back to the large triangle. Place the triangle so that the right angle in pointing towards you. Then fold the right ear as shown above.

Repeat on the left hand side.

Now we are going to work on the mouth and chin area. Working from the bottom of the dog face, on the pointy right angle , fold just the top layer up making sure to line up the fold lines. How far to fold up is up to the origamist. Just eyeball it and see what looks good. Then turn the dog upside up and fold the bottom (although at this point and in this particular step, it is the top) layer up as you did in the previous step. Make sure the bottom fold line lines up exactly with the first fold. Create sharp creases.

Turn the Doggie Origami right side up. This is what it should look like.

Now is time to draw doggie features. You can draw whatever shape you want for the eyes, nose and mouth.

I usually like the idea of eye lashes on most of my creatures. I think it always gives it that little something extra.

Here we go. All done. What do you think?

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