Bugs Galore: Butterfly DIY Kit

Another insect from our Bugs Galore collection. Butterfly. This may be the prettiest of all bugs. Is it any wonder that both kiddos and adults love them?

As with all our kits, this one is fairly easy to put together. And great for our youngest students.

Check out the DIY below.

Kit Supplies: 1 wood oval body with 6 pre-drilled holes, 4 wood teardrop wings pre-drilled with 1 hole each, 4 mini brads, 2 plastic eyes, 2 wire antennae

Additional Supplies: markers (optionally you could use paint, colored pencils or crayons), pliers

First step, color the body. As always, I say be creative. For this butterfly, I decided to color a purple strip in the middle. Then I added a yellow border on either side of the purple line.

For the wings I decided to do a 3 tone pattern starting with purple at the tip of the wing …

Followed by orange and ending with yellow. Again, choose your pattern: maybe do polka dots, strips or color each wing a different color.

Next, insert a brad from the top of one of the wings.

Holding both the wing and brad together, insert the brad into one of the wing holes. It can be one of the four holes clustered together.

Turn the butterfly upside down and flatten the brad legs.

Place the end section with the spiral curl of the wire antennae between the plier jaws.

Press down on the long wire end to create a 90 degree.

Then insert the antennae through one of the antennae holes.

Insert the antennae through the plastic eye and push the eye all the way down to the body. Repeat on the other side.

Next, using the pliers to create a tight loop on the tip of the antennae. This will prevent the antennae from scratching. Repeat on the other side.

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