For summer 2022, we will be working with The Hewitt School (Manhatten, NYC) offering cooking and woodworking camps. Below please find camp description and some photos of past projects and dishes we have done during the school year, some of which we will explore in more depth during summer camp.

To sign up for camp, please use the following link: Hewitt Summer Camp.


  • Culinary Science: Campers will enjoy a week filled with hands-on kitchen explorations, putting their math skills into real-life practice as they measure, mix, and make observations. Curious campers will find out how yeast makes dough rise and study various recipes to determine how different combinations of ingredients can change the final outcome of a dish. In addition to learning the magic and science behind cooking, campers will also take a field trip to a farmer’s market to explore local culinary delights.
  • Farm to Table: Calling all health-conscious young chefs! Throughout the week, campers will explore the meaning behind the farm-to-table movement while they cook with ingredients that are primarily sourced locally. In addition to making several recipes, activities will include using food in less common ways like making dyes to add color to food, fabric, or paper. Wondering what kind of market goodies will we experiment with? Zucchini is a great ingredient for going sweet and savory; potatoes offer endless possibilities; and with an abundance of local fruit, a pie might be on the menu! This is the perfect program for foodies who love a social cause.


Calling all young, aspiring engineers! This summer, we will challenge each and every camper to bring their creativity, logic, mathematical thinking, and engineering abilities to woodworking. Campers will be tasked with designing, building, and decorating their own wooden objects, and along the way, they will familiarize themselves with tools and supplies like screwdrivers and wire.