Sew in Love Afterschool

Visit Sawyer to enroll in classes.

This afterschool program is for students who have some basic hand sewing knowledge and are looking to expand on their ability.  The program will primarily concentrate on embroidery techniques.  We will review and practice different stitches that students will be able to use for their main class project.  Students will hand embroider a 4 inch wood hoop using any of the stitches they have learned.   Each student will receive a workshop kit that includes all the supplies they will need for the workshop. Of note, some adult assistance may be needed.

For fall 2020, we will be running 2 half semesters: Fall 1 – runs from September 8th through October 16th and Fall 2 – September 19th through December 4th.  Sew in Love: Embroidery Intermediate classes will run in two sessions on Thursday @ 3:30 pm (EST) / 12:30 pm (PST) and 6:30 pm (EST) / 3:30 PM (PST).

Please allow 3 to 10 days for the class kit to arrive.

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